Plants of Canada Database

The Plants of Canada Database is an up-to-date source of information about the vascular plants that grow naturally (i.e., outside of cultivation) in Canada. It provides quick and easy access to information about identity, distribution, conservation status, and pest legislation, for both native and introduced species in the Canadian flora.

The Plants of Canada Database was developed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), in partnership with the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan/CFS), as a joint initiative under An Invasive Species Strategy for Canada. Data were provided by Environment Canada, coordinator of Canada's Wild Species program, and compiled in collaboration with NatureServe Canada. The database is hosted and maintained by CFIA and NRCan/CFS.

The Plants of Canada Database is still under development. To date, the database should include all species present in the Canadian flora, but not all data fields are complete. Additional fields that may be added in future include duration (e.g. annual, perennial), habitat, economic importance, photographs, list functions, etc. Questions, comments and suggestions on the website are welcome.

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The Plants of Canada website is a result of a collaboration between the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada and The Canadian Food Inspection Agency.